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Marriage and Time Travel

Here’s a thought. Assume all the standard Catholic stuff about the sacrament of marriage, such as its indissolubility until the death of at least one of the two spouses. Suppose you get married, and then at some later point, while … Continue reading

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Grandfather’s time machine; Physical possibility and logical impossibility

I have been tempted in the past to construe the relation of physical possibility to logical possibility as injective (i.e., that all physical possibilities are logical possibilities) but that there are many more logical possibilities than there are physical possibilities … Continue reading

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The Difference between Physical and Temporal Antecedence

My purpose in this post is simple; I want to demonstrate that physical antecedence is not coextensive with temporal antecedence and vice versa. You can have one without the other. This reflection leads to a very weak argument against the … Continue reading

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A-theoretic time travel, B-theoretic time travel and Pruss

Pruss recently wrote an intriguing post on his blog where he argued that time travel might be possible on the A-theory. I used to disagree (and am not now sure), but I think his post can help clarify why time … Continue reading

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Given A-theory, and Theism, could God travel backwards through time?

To travel backwards through time might mean something like, making what was past, present. On an A-theory, that would mean making what was robustly real in the past, but is no longer robustly real in the present, robustly real in … Continue reading

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