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Pure Undifferentiated Substances?

Recently I was confronted, in the midst of a discussion about Transubstantiation, with the idea that a commitment to substance realism seems to entail a commitment to the reality or possibility of a pure undifferentiated substance. I responded in the … Continue reading

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Logically Possible Mind Independent Temporal Relations

In order to have a logically possible world without any subjects who experience anything like time’s flow, and still have B-theoretic temporal relations such as ‘earlier-than’ or ‘later-than’, one simply has to be a realist about B-theoretic properties, and state … Continue reading

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Identifying Substances

Recently somebody challenged me to give an account for why I think things like cats are substances, and why rocks are not, after having agreed with me that we must admit there to be substances in the world in principle. … Continue reading

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Multilocation and Substance realism

Here’s an interesting thought experiment I came up with recently. First I should briefly explain what substance realism is, and next I should provide an account of localization. Substance The substance-accident distinction, which has been standard since Aristotle, distinguishes the … Continue reading

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