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The Resurrection Probability Calculus

Dr. William Lane Craig has spoken about the probability of the resurrection, arguing that it is considerably high, and has championed an argument for God’s existence from the resurrection. According to him, in answer to the question of what the … Continue reading

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The Time I Met Dr. Craig

I recall the one time I actually met one of my academic heroes, Dr. William Lane Craig, at a debate I attended between him and Shabir Ally on the topic Resurrection: hoax or history? It was hosted at McGill University … Continue reading

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Esther and the Resurrection

One of the curious features of the Gospel narratives is that, though they are replete with references to Old Testament passages which are thought to be fulfilled, even ‘accomplished’, by Jesus Christ, and these instances are thought to legitimize the … Continue reading

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The Language of Divine Punishment

A Catholic apologist I was listening to recently said something which took me aback at first, and then, the more I thought about it, helped me make much more coherent sense of God’s  punishment of man. He said that we … Continue reading

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The Mother Hen as a Messianic image

A curious and oft quoted Biblical verse, one of the very rare verses which describes God by analogy through the use of feminine imagery, comes at the very end of Jesus’ great Eschatological temple sermon about the end of days. … Continue reading

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Craig’s “5 ways”

Everyone knows of Aquinas’ five ways to prove the existence of God, but I think people are less familiar with William Lane Craig’s five arguments for the existence of God… Actually, most people probably have about as superficial an understanding … Continue reading

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Christ as Micro-cosmic Man

An Eastern Orthodox friend of mine was sharing some of his thoughts with me on a previous post “Making God an Atheist” in which I discussed Jesus’ cry on the cross to God saying “my God, my God, why hast … Continue reading

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