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The Principle of Disjunctive Causation and Sufficiency.

X is sufficient for Y if and only if, if X then Y. C is sufficient for AvB (Principle of Disjunctive Causation) If C is sufficient for AvB, then C is sufficient for A. Therefore, C is sufficient for A. … Continue reading

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God’s Providence over history and the causal relations of the disjuncts of disjunctive causes

God is in control of world history. However, world history seems to be comprised of one creature’s libertarian free will after another, none of which are directly in God’s control (i.e., Molinism is false, and even if God is in … Continue reading

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The Principle of Disjunctive Causation and Libertarian Free Will

So one of the problems advanced against libertarian accounts of free will is that while perhaps Suzy’s doing A for some set of reasons R, given the choice between A and B, may be explained, it isn’t explained why Suzy … Continue reading

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