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Platonism’ Formal Family Tree

Platonists say that Platonic Forms are beings which exist. I do not think they do exist (and I don’t even think they are ‘beings’, contra the neo-meingonian). However, in thinking about Platonism, which has occupied me lately, it seems to … Continue reading

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Another Short Argument: Against Atheistic Platonism

I just wrote this argument out in the comments section on Dr. Alexander Pruss’ blog, and when looking it over I decided I liked it so much that I might as well post it on my own blog. Enjoy. 1. … Continue reading

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Short Argument Against Platonism

No Platonic Form can have a property with which it is not identical (3 cannot be 7, 7 cannot be green, greenness cannot be smaller than rudeness, etc). A Platonic Form is a Universal, and a Universal is a Platonic … Continue reading

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Mind-Body interaction: Metaphysical Concretism

One argument against the position that the mind can act causally on the body, and the body also act causally on the mind (two-way interaction), is simply the point that the mind and the body are wholly different kinds of … Continue reading

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