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A logically possible world without time – and time’s smallest units

Let’s deny Newtonian Absolutism about time. Now let’s say that there are two balls related to each other in some set of ways, and that nothing other than those two balls exists. Let’s also say that these balls are at … Continue reading

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Human bodies and the rational soul

Consider that there is a logically possible world in which some non-rational animal evolve in such a way that it has all the physical features necessary to be classified as homo-sapien, and yet it would not have a rational soul. … Continue reading

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Resurrection and Matter

The doctrine of the resurrection of the flesh generally implies that for each human person who is separated from their ‘body’ at death, they will someday be restored to their proper body after death. Now, the significance of this statement … Continue reading

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Simple infinities

A thought came to me yesterday about what kinds of actual (as opposed to potential) infinities could exist, and it struck me that any ‘infinite’ whose members are ‘reduced’ from something ‘simple’ (meaning non-composite, seem-less and whole). For example, there are an … Continue reading

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Rationalism And The Plenum

I was at an Ultreya last night where we discussed the topic of sin, suffering and evil, and the conversation left us all, I think, with much to think about. One of the curious things I only thought about this … Continue reading

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