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The Lord’s Prayer and the hypothesis of Matthean priority

Suppose we accept as a working hypothesis (for the sake of argument) that Matthew was written prior to Mark (and prior to Luke). Mark’s Gospel does not have the Lord’s prayer. However, if Mark really is written, as Clement of … Continue reading

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Epiklesis vs Anamnesis

One of the puzzles about the Mass or Eucharistic liturgy is when the confection actually occurs; that is to say, when precisely does the bread and wine cease to be bread or wine and become the body, blood, soul and … Continue reading

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Milk in the Mass

St. Hippolytus of Rome (170-235 A.D.), the first anti-pope (and the only one canonized a saint), is an interesting character and figure in the history of the Church. One of the things which makes him particularly interesting for Liturgists is … Continue reading

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