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The PSR and Libertarian-Freedom; Contrastive Questions and Causal Stories

 This is how philosophers should greet each other: “Take your time!” ~Ludwig Wittgenstein I want to recapitulate some of the arguments I recently presented in a discussion I had with a number of people at once on Skype (all of whom … Continue reading

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Bruteness is Transitive from Part to Whole

Some properties are transitive from part to whole, such as being spatially extended or being partially actualized, etc. Take a set of facts all of which are necessary save for one fact, a contingent fact. That set of facts will … Continue reading

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The Fallacy of “The Fallacy of Composition” Objection

On an excellent website I hadn’t visited in years, but stumbled upon today, I found an article on the Cosmological argument from Contingency, which, as many of you reading this may know, I find to be compelling. It summarizes the … Continue reading

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Ontological Semantics

With the growing rivers of ink being spilt over the modal ontological argument, it seems that intelligent atheists and theists alike have recognized that, when framed as a modal argument, the premise “it is possible for God to exist” is … Continue reading

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