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Are worlds comparably better or worse?

“The terms ‘more’ or ‘less’ only make sense if something is the maximum in a genus.” ~St. Thomas Aquinas Consider the argument I developed here to demonstrate the inconceivability and incoherence of there being a ‘best of all possible worlds’. … Continue reading

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Logically possible worlds God could feasibly create.

Often philosophers of a theologically orthodox persuasion will speak about how some worlds are logically possible for God to create without them being feasible for God to create (which is equivalent to saying that God cannot ensure the reality of … Continue reading

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Extreme Modal Realism, the worst of all possible worlds, and theodicy

More thoughts on the concept of God choosing to create the worst of all possible worlds. Let us suppose that my argument here (at the end) is valid, then it seems like David Lewis’ extreme modal realism could act as … Continue reading

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The Best of all possible worlds

This should be relatively short. I just thought I would demonstrate why most philosophers today have given up on Leibniz’ idea that there is such a thing as a best of all (logically) possible worlds. To say that there is … Continue reading

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