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Is gratuitous evil a coherent concept?

God is a maximally great being A maximally great being has the properties of being omnibenevolent, omniscient, omnipotent. The properties of (2) are incompatible with gratuitous evil. There exists at least one logically possible world fitting the description of ‘has … Continue reading

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The Language of Divine Punishment

A Catholic apologist I was listening to recently said something which took me aback at first, and then, the more I thought about it, helped me make much more coherent sense of God’s  punishment of man. He said that we … Continue reading

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Existential Universalism

One of the most attractive heterodox (or even heretical) positions to which Christian theologians have been attracted is the position of universalism without the denial of the existence of a real eternal Hell. Origen, for instance, who is one of … Continue reading

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Logically possible worlds God could feasibly create.

Often philosophers of a theologically orthodox persuasion will speak about how some worlds are logically possible for God to create without them being feasible for God to create (which is equivalent to saying that God cannot ensure the reality of … Continue reading

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Nietzsche on Hatred and Hell

Friedrich Nietzsche is one of the atheists who has most fascinated and influenced me, ever since I read his “The Genealogy of Morals.” One of the fascinating features of his whole philosophy is how he seems to turn love, altruism, … Continue reading

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Appetitive quality of Monads

I was thinking recently about how Leibniz accounted for the phenomenon of time. On an A theory of time, it is easy to account for the phenomenon of one event succeeding another; namely one simply appeals to ontology, because events … Continue reading

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