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Carnapian Theism

Suppose that we ask the Carnapian (disciple of Carnap) whether Theism is logically possible, and their inclination is to say that it is not. Against this we can advance the following argument: Truth is relative to a linguistic framework. There … Continue reading

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God’s knowledge of the unreal future? – Part 2

In reflection on the argument I presented earlier concerning whether the A-theorist who believes that God knows all truths about the future (and who is a libertarian) could accept the PSR, perhaps the A-theorist has another problem. [Edit: alternatively, if … Continue reading

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Correspondence theory of Truth

A day or two ago I ran into somebody who rejected, or seemed to reject, all forms of (the) correspondence theory of truth. Now, I suspect that he may have accepted, or at least been open to, my suggestion of … Continue reading

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