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The End.

This post signals the end of my use of this blog. I have created a new blog which, I hope, will give me a chance to start fresh and write better quality articles – articles, in other words, which will … Continue reading

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Marriage and Time Travel

Here’s a thought. Assume all the standard Catholic stuff about the sacrament of marriage, such as its indissolubility until the death of at least one of the two spouses. Suppose you get married, and then at some later point, while … Continue reading

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Is Money the Root of All Evil?

Biblically literate readers may be thinking to themselves “no, money is not the root of all evil, but the love of money is the root of all evil, just as the Bible says.” I want to challenge the notion that … Continue reading

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John Locke’s argument for God’s existence

“We are capable of knowing certainly that there is a God. Though God has given us no innate ideas of himself” (Book IV, X.1) I’ve been reading into Locke’s Natural Law, as I’m scheduled to write an essay on the role … Continue reading

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Permissible Slavery?

It is generally affirmed among those with a modern western temperament, which I clearly share, that slavery is simply and strictly wrong. As Abraham Lincoln memorably said “if slavery is not wrong, nothing is wrong.” However, are there any circumstances in which … Continue reading

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Locke and Old Testament ‘Slavery’

Christians and Jews often point out that the ‘slavery’, if it is right to call it that, which is spoken of in the Bible, is nothing like the slavery which existed in the history of the Americas. There are clearly … Continue reading

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Hobbes’ Sovereign is Leviathan’s Vicar

It is interesting that while Hobbes makes the commonwealth, that anthropomorphic leviathan, out to be a ‘natural’ social organism at least in the sense that the laws of nature he enumerates (of which there are 19, and to them may … Continue reading

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Hobbes on the Causes of Theism

I’ve been reading Hobbes’ Leviathan for a class in early modern political philosophy, and ran across a number of quotes which I am both surprised to find in Hobbes, and which others may find just as interesting and provocative, all … Continue reading

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Thinking about Thinking

I was sitting around one day thinking about the way some physicists in the academy, like Lawrence Krauss, have argued that the University should jettison philosophy departments. Perhaps this is in part an act of desperation in light of the … Continue reading

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A paradox about the Raven Paradox

Hempel’s paradox works as follows: We notice first that the hypothesis 1) All Ravens are Black, is logically equivalent to 2) all non-black things are not ravens. Since these two things are logically equivalent (i.e., 1 if and only if … Continue reading

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