The End.

This post signals the end of my use of this blog. I have created a new blog which, I hope, will give me a chance to start fresh and write better quality articles – articles, in other words, which will better exemplify the level of work and analysis of which I know myself capable. I have greatly enjoyed picking up blogging as a hobby, and I intend to continue it, but I want to divorce myself from some of the ‘clumsier’ posts I’ve published here, without getting rid of them entirely. In part I want to preserve all my posts from this blog because keeping a record of my undergraduate work allows me to track/measure my overall improvement as I continue to pursue my studies. Having a blog with a more professional aesthetic, along with more academically credible content, will, I hope, allow me to direct professional philosophers and theologians (and graduate schools) to my work without reservation(s). It is also my ambition to rid myself of some bad habits which I have picked up through blogging, such as writing ‘rushed’ articles within an hour or so, and without further reflection or proof-reading, publishing them for the sake of publishing something. This has led to a sort of superficial treatment of some issues in some of my posts which I would rather distance myself from. Thus, I endeavor to continue blogging, but to sanitize myself of some of the intellectual vices I have picked up while blogging so far. Moreover, as I am gearing up to pursue graduate studies, I have a most opportune excuse to perform this watershed now.

On this blog, which I began in August of 2011, I have published 424 (now 425) posts on a variety of topics, and I have received a steady readership, on average, of 20-40 people a day (with a total of 32,993 all-time views at present, perhaps an accomplishment in itself). I have also benefited greatly from interacting with those who were good enough to comment on my blog and give me food for thought, especially in the form of criticisms; my thanks goes to everyone who offered me their thoughts, from Alexander Pruss to Robert Oerter, and to everyone else. To the over 120 followers of this blog, I thank you for subscribing, and if you’re interested in continuing to read my thoughts I would invite you to visit and follow me at my new blog:

Overall this undergraduate blog has been greatly successful in that, through it, I have accomplished the goals for which I intended it. Now, however, I am about ready to move on and set some new challenges for myself to live up to. This is thus, I suppose, both the end, and a new beginning.


About tylerjourneaux

I am an aspiring Catholic theologian and philosopher, and I have a keen interest in apologetics. I am creating this blog both in order to practice and improve my writing and memory retention as I publish my thoughts, and in order to give evidence of my ability to understand and communicate thoughts on topics pertinent to Theology, Philosophy, philosophical theology, Catholic (Christian) Apologetics, philosophy of religion and textual criticism.
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1 Response to The End.

  1. Daniel V. says:

    It was a pleasure following this blog. And I look forward to reading your new articles!



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