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Rawls is a coherentist about political justification

Here’s an interesting quote from Rawls: A conception of Justice cannot be deduced from self-evident premises or conditions on principles; instead, its justification is a matter of the mutual support of many considerations, of everything fitting together into one coherent view. ~A … Continue reading

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Marriage and Time Travel

Here’s a thought. Assume all the standard Catholic stuff about the sacrament of marriage, such as its indissolubility until the death of at least one of the two spouses. Suppose you get married, and then at some later point, while … Continue reading

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Theological Studies vs Religious Studies

There is a considerable amount of confusion surrounding the difference(s) between Theological Studies and Religious Studies, and, having found myself in the mood, I am here intending to draw out those differences clearly. A professor of mine once said that … Continue reading

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