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The Resurrection Probability Calculus

Dr. William Lane Craig has spoken about the probability of the resurrection, arguing that it is considerably high, and has championed an argument for God’s existence from the resurrection. According to him, in answer to the question of what the … Continue reading

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Eusebius Pamphili of Caesarea’s apologetic for the veracity of the Gospel accounts

What follows is a relatively long and extremely interesting passage from Eusebius Pamphili of Caesarea, in Book 3, chapter 5 of his Demonstratio Evangelica (Proof of the Gospel). This passage is one of the most interesting to me among the Nicene Fathers … Continue reading

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Is Money the Root of All Evil?

Biblically literate readers may be thinking to themselves “no, money is not the root of all evil, but the love of money is the root of all evil, just as the Bible says.” I want to challenge the notion that … Continue reading

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John Locke’s argument for God’s existence

“We are capable of knowing certainly that there is a God. Though God has given us no innate ideas of himself” (Book IV, X.1) I’ve been reading into Locke’s Natural Law, as I’m scheduled to write an essay on the role … Continue reading

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A demarcation principle for Miracles

Randal Rauser has proposed that we may be able to use a design filter as an epistemic tool for identifying miracles. What he means by a design filter here is really just an adaptation of William Dembski’s notion of ‘specified … Continue reading

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Permissible Slavery?

It is generally affirmed among those with a modern western temperament, which I clearly share, that slavery is simply and strictly wrong. As Abraham Lincoln memorably said “if slavery is not wrong, nothing is wrong.” However, are there any circumstances in which … Continue reading

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Nomic Necessity and Ceteris Paribus

What philosophers of science and scientists want in scientific explanations is (generally) for there to be some law cited, some universally quantifiable regularity which holds with nomic necessity, an exception-less law. However, it seems to me that scientific laws are … Continue reading

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