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Some thoughts on Deontology and Virtue Ethics

I was just thinking about the early modern agenda to mathematize the whole enterprise of knowledge, including medicine. The early moderns managed, to their credit, to mathematize the field of physics, but though this is often hailed as their greatest … Continue reading

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Another Primer on Theology

Lately I have been asked the question a few times (noticeably more times than usual) what Theology is. Here’s an attempt to articulate a much shorter succinct introduction to what Theology is than I have written before. Theology is the … Continue reading

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Stoic Logic, Disjunctive Conjunctions and Counterfactual Conditionals

I have just begun studying Stoic Philosophy in a philosophy class of mine, and it is interesting to me that the Stoics had different doctrines of logic than modern logicians have. I thought I would take a brief look at … Continue reading

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Genus and Species

I have often been puzzled by the Medieval and ancient Hellenistic use of the terms Genus and Species, as though these are synonymous, and not quite synonymous. I found a passage in Diogenes Laetrius which explained the difference succinctly. A … Continue reading

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The relation of Celibacy to Ordination in the Thought of St. Paul

There is an oft misunderstood passage in St. Paul which many believe indicates that Celibacy among the επίσκοπος was neither the norm, nor prescribed, and that, furthermore, it was actually proscribed. Let’s take a look: The saying is sure: whoever aspires to … Continue reading

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Medieval Philosophy Mid-Term

I’ve been pretty busy with school lately, and it has eaten up much of my blogging time. However, I thought perhaps I could just post some of my short essay answers to some exams I’ve been doing. I think the … Continue reading

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What did Jesus write in the sand?

Today is St. Patrick’s day, and we have a new Pope named after St. Francis of Assisi, the first ever formally canonized saint in the Church. For those who know their Catholic faith, that means that there are multiple indulgences … Continue reading

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Mormon Philosopher’s objection to Omnipotence

A Mormon Philosopher named Blake T. Ostler writes the following in response to a critique of the inadequacy of the Mormon conception of God given by Francis J. Beckwith and Stephen E. Parrish in their book The Mormon Concept of God: A … Continue reading

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Short argument against Euthanasia

Here’s a short argument against Euthanasia which I was thinking about yesterday. It seems to me that those who promote Euthanasia often couch their argument in the language of human rights. They argue that people have the right to decide … Continue reading

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“Only X is true” is logically false

I was thinking about Patrick Grim’s Cantorian argument just now, and I was trying to think of a really easy way to explain to somebody who isn’t at all familiar with set theory why the argument does establish that there … Continue reading

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