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On some bodies in Heaven

A thought was solidifying in my head lately about what to make of ‘heaven’, as it exists right now. Generally I take heaven to be not a place, but a proximity of the soul to God. When asked about where … Continue reading

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Free Will in Heaven

An interesting question came up recently in an exchange I was having with an atheist who was kind enough to comment on my blog charitably. The question concerned how, or whether, people who had free will could exist in heaven … Continue reading

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Rational beliefs, Justified beliefs, and the Soul

Here’s an argument for the soul from the presumption of the possibility of rational thought. If one is a physical determinist along with a materialist with respect to the human mind, then one is admitting to cognitive fatalism. Every thought, … Continue reading

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Change in the Law

Although I do have my qualms (significant qualms) with the documentary hypothesis (or hypotheses), I retain a sense that there is some truth to the idea. I have always had trouble accepting that Moses himself composed the whole Torah, since … Continue reading

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Resurrection and Matter

The doctrine of the resurrection of the flesh generally implies that for each human person who is separated from their ‘body’ at death, they will someday be restored to their proper body after death. Now, the significance of this statement … Continue reading

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Defining Naturalism

Alvin Plantinga has argued that Naturalism is stronger than just plain Atheism, and has characterized it as a sort of “Atheism+”. He suggests that it is possible for somebody to be an atheist without being a Naturalist, but not possible … Continue reading

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The evidential problem of evil and its problematic premise

Yesterday somebody posted the following argument on my blog in the comments section: 1. There exist instances of intense suffering which an omnipotent, omniscient being could have prevented without thereby losing some greater good or permitting some evil equally bad … Continue reading

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A note about Hermeneutics

I have noticed a worrying trend among some Catholics and other Christians as well to read scripture too much through the filter of the natural sciences. In other words, Christians look to science as a legitimate account of the world, … Continue reading

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Simple infinities

A thought came to me yesterday about what kinds of actual (as opposed to potential) infinities could exist, and it struck me that any ‘infinite’ whose members are ‘reduced’ from something ‘simple’ (meaning non-composite, seem-less and whole). For example, there are an … Continue reading

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If Religion must be social, and Christianity is true, then Catholicism is true.

I labour under the impression, which I think many people intuitively share, that religion, if it exists at all, must be social, precisely because, as Schleiermacher argues, man is social. Religion as a phenomenon just is social; the very concept of … Continue reading

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