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Correspondence theory

I came upon this thought while reflecting on the negative influence of positivism, and the call for reductive criticism to be challenged with ‘restorative criticism’ In Ricoeur’s words, “to go beyond criticism by means of criticism, by a criticism that … Continue reading

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Taking a look at the Direction of Prayer

This thought, or at least the thought to put the thought into writing, came to me recently while reading the following scripture: ‘But will God indeed reside with mortals on earth? Even heaven and the highest heaven cannot contain you, … Continue reading

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Berkeley on God and Miracles

While reading Berkeley for a paper at the end of this last semester I’ve just come out of, I found a number of fascinating passages on miracles, apologetics and so on. I thought I’d select a few of them and … Continue reading

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Intelligent Design and Teleology

After having just listened to an interview with William Dembski, I think I’ve come to realize that a seminal question involved in the intelligent design vs. evolution (darwinian) debate is whether Nature involves teleology. If one is inclined to believe … Continue reading

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Undercutting Empiricism with Naturalism

Here’s an interesting argument I have been thinking about, and I’d like to pursue a train of thought which comes from the consideration of it: 1) If Naturalism is true, then Determinism is true. 2) Naturalism is true. 3) Therefore, … Continue reading

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Claiming the fullness of Truth

A teacher was sharing with me recently that he takes issue with the Catholic Church, although he identifies himself as a Catholic, when the Catholic Church claims to have the fullness of truth. He believes that no one religion can … Continue reading

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A thought about Miracles

Miracles, it is often said, are ‘violations’ of natural laws. Now, of course, that isn’t what a Theist will recognize as a miracle, both because ‘natural laws’ here refer to physical laws, which are not proscriptive but rather descriptive (thus … Continue reading

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Annulments and mistakes

Suppose that the Catholic Church is infallible, and that one or more of its bishops grants an annulment, which presumes that a legitimate ‘marriage’ never took place but only appeared to, when in fact it only appears that the marriage … Continue reading

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Lonergan’s Insight-19 argument, and an inductive argument for unrestricted intelligibility

Bernard Lonergan (1904-1984) is one of the most fascinating theologians of the last century, and at Concordia University in Montreal, where I study, he is something of an iconic figure for the theology department precisely because he is a Concordia … Continue reading

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Theological reasons for preferring B theory to A theory

William Lane Craig has said that it is tremendously difficult to be a Christian and not be an A theorist, since it poses significant theological problems for the Christian. I have wondered what such theological problems he has in mind, … Continue reading

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