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Esther and the Resurrection

One of the curious features of the Gospel narratives is that, though they are replete with references to Old Testament passages which are thought to be fulfilled, even ‘accomplished’, by Jesus Christ, and these instances are thought to legitimize the … Continue reading

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Positively beyond expression

“There are two atheisms of which one is a purification of the notion of God.” ― Simon Weil It occurred to me recently, in thanks to a conversation with a friend of mine, that perhaps there is a theistic stream … Continue reading

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Accusing a religious community of having a developed doctrine of deception

A while ago I heard a Catholic Apologist who was intimately knowledgeable about Islam (though I think his treatment of it was less fair than other treatments I’ve seen), claim that it is a little known fact that Islam is … Continue reading

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The Inevitability of Death

The prospect of achieving human immortality through scientific and technological advancement is not alien to the annals of science fiction, and frighteningly enough it will soon no longer be an issue of science fiction. The scientistic view that human beings … Continue reading

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Epiklesis vs Anamnesis

One of the puzzles about the Mass or Eucharistic liturgy is when the confection actually occurs; that is to say, when precisely does the bread and wine cease to be bread or wine and become the body, blood, soul and … Continue reading

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Christ as the True Serpent

The Garden of Eden episode is well known among Christians, for whom it signifies profound religious and theological implications. Often, however, Christians are guilty of reading into the Genesis account elements which are only features of the story as it … Continue reading

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The doctrine of Transubstantiation and the Dogma of the Real Presence

A point has been made recently in an RCIA class I attend, and it is a point I have made myself on various occasions before, that the Catholic Church is not dogmatically bound to the language of ‘Transubstantiation’. In fact, … Continue reading

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The Monastic fascination with the Desert

It is well noted in the study of Hagiography, as well as general Patristic studies, that for earlier Christians the desert was recognized as the domain of the Devil; where demons reside. For instance, consider the conviction of the desert … Continue reading

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Locke and logically possible organs of perception

This is the reason why, though we cannot believe it impossible to God to make a creature with other organs and more ways to covet into the understanding the notice of corporeal things than those five, as they are usually … Continue reading

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Possibly Funny

Here’s a really lame joke I thought of. Question: “Are you a modal realist?” Answer: “Possibly”    

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