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Prayer and existential paradox

I recently spoke to a priest who I have taken to as my spiritual director, and in trying to communicate my story I happened to bring up a particularly spiritually and intellectually difficult time in my life when I was … Continue reading

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The authorship of Isaiah

Although I think I could theologically live with the currently popular suggestion that the book of Isaiah was composed by at least three different sources, I find the reasons for thinking so very weak and often the reasons beg a … Continue reading

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The Resurrection Accounts

Often critics of the argument for the Historical resurrection will point out that the Gospel accounts, when it comes to their resurrection narratives, disagree and contradict with each other thereby weakening the case for their historical reliability. Now, I believe … Continue reading

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Luke’s Gospel and the Temple

I have never realized before today that Luke’s Gospel both begins and ends inside the Temple! The Drama of the whole Gospel story carefully is set to begin in the Temple, in Luke 1:9 with Zechari’ah with an angel appearing … Continue reading

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What is Tradition?

I was recently inspired to compose this hopefully short post on what Tradition is. Generally Catholics say that one must take both Scripture and Tradition with equal weight, a claim which causes scandal if not confusion among Protestants. Here I … Continue reading

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Resurrection, Messianic expectations, and James

Part of the standard cumulative case for the resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth involves mention of a common yet curious feature of parallel messianic movements a few hundred years surrounding Jesus of Nazareth in either direction (before or after his … Continue reading

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The Mother Hen as a Messianic image

A curious and oft quoted Biblical verse, one of the very rare verses which describes God by analogy through the use of feminine imagery, comes at the very end of Jesus’ great Eschatological temple sermon about the end of days. … Continue reading

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A Rite to Life

I found this old reflection of mine hidden away in the never ending land of essays I never actually wrote. It certainly reflects the thoughts of a much more excited me, when I had finally come into the Catholic Church … Continue reading

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The Feast of St. Paul’s conversion

Today, on the feast of the conversion of St. Paul, I thought I’d just quickly jot down some thoughts about Pauline epistles, along with those epistles often called pseudo-pauline. First,  this distinction itself deserves to be called into question more … Continue reading

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Logic as an Argument for the existence of God

Dr. James Anderson of Reformed Theological Seminary, in company with a co-author Greg Welty, has composed one of the most readable versions of this rather recent (all things considered) argument for the existence of God. It can be found here: … Continue reading

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