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Could a non-Trinitarian God create the world?

“God is Love” ~1 John 4:8 On a Christian Theology, God is one being, and simultaneously three persons without contradiction since persons are not identical to beings, nor is one being necessarily at most one person. The most advantageous insight … Continue reading

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Making God an Atheist

One of the fascinating passages in the New Testament is from what the Gospels record as nearly the last words of Jesus of Nazareth spoken from the cross: ‘Eloi, Eloi, lema sabachthani?’ which means, ‘My God, my God, why have … Continue reading

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Appetitive quality of Monads

I was thinking recently about how Leibniz accounted for the phenomenon of time. On an A theory of time, it is easy to account for the phenomenon of one event succeeding another; namely one simply appeals to ontology, because events … Continue reading

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Atheistic Polytheism

It seems to me that Atheism is simply the opposite of Theism, Theism being the belief that God exists. Obviously, for this to be meaningful, we need to define what we mean by God. No one religion or theology can … Continue reading

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Free Will in Heaven and Contingency

I have just questioned my line of reasoning from earlier today when I said that it was clearly not logically possible for God to choose to create the worst of all possible worlds, as there is a theological problem with … Continue reading

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Naturalism, Probability and the Matrix

Paul Draper is one of my absolute favorite philosophers who also happens to be an atheist; more precisely he is a Naturalist, which is to say that he believes that God does not exist, and nothing relevantly similar to ‘God’ … Continue reading

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Worst of all Possible worlds, God and contingency

Consider the following question: “Does Leibniz think it is logically possible for God to choose to create the worst of all possible worlds?” It seems that while Leibniz wants to say that it is logically possible in some sense, so … Continue reading

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Spinoza on Infinity

“The question of the infinite has universally been found to be very difficult, indeed, insoluble.”[1] Questions of the infinite are notoriously problematic because once one accepts that infinities exist, it seems one runs into contradictions. For instance, Spinoza provides an … Continue reading

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Aquinas and Potential Infinities

One of the only areas where two of my absolute favorite Medieval saints, who were both towering philosophers, disagreed sharply and even violently, was on the question of whether the Aristotelian suggestion of Eternal Duration (meaning here that the world … Continue reading

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Christmas Mass readings

For any of us who are celebrating this Christmas in orthodox fashion looking forward to the midnight mass and the readings and celebrations which follow tomorrow, I thought I would just post all the mass readings for the next 24 … Continue reading

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