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Modal intuitions and God

When speaking about modality what we mean is the broad study of possibility, and the ways in which we can make use of labels and concepts such as necessity, randomness, contingency, etc. It seems to me that some of the … Continue reading

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Schleiermacher’s objection to the Garden of Eden

Friedrich Schleiermacher, the protestant ‘father’ of modern theology in many ways, has argued famously that Adam and Eve could not possibly have been guilty of so great a sin as would justify God’s supposed punishment of Original Sin to their … Continue reading

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A weaker law of Excluded Middle

Mathematical intuitionists champion the idea that the Law of Excluded Middle is not, strictly speaking, true. Indeed, because of the problems which arise when using ‘infinities’ in calculations one finds that there are mathematical problems where contradictions necessarily result. Since … Continue reading

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Fuzzy logic

Briefly, I just thought I would post about Fuzzy logic. Fuzzy logic is the idea that we should not approach propositions thinking them to be either true or false, but rather true to some degree. In other words, one could … Continue reading

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The Catholic Church of the Fathers

As many of you surely know, I am a convert to the Catholic Church. One of the things which most impressed on my mind and heart the necessity of being Catholic was a study of, and love and respect for, … Continue reading

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Saint Guinefort

This is a really strange and great story which is worth telling. I had to read this for my Hagiography class recently, and I think it is a fascinating story, written as a criticism (in part) of the cult of … Continue reading

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Time Travel and John Titor

This is just a short post. I am, as many know, constantly engaging the philosophical issues surrounding our philosophies of time. Now, I think it is clear that on an A theory of time time travel is just metaphysically impossible. … Continue reading

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Prophecy in the Pseudepigrapha

I was thinking recently about some apparent prophecies scattered about in the writings which are not considered Scriptural or Canonical by the Catholic Church, and yet which are of Jewish origin and written before the coming of Christ. This raises … Continue reading

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God, the World, and Possible World Semantics

This should be quick. I was thinking about modality as a constraint on epistemology recently, and I ran into the following issue. First, what I mean by modality as a constraint on epistemology is simply that if something is not … Continue reading

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