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Conversations with Mormons

Yesterday as I was returning home from work at the end of a long week, I finally ran into two Mormons who had been wanting to speak with me since Tuesday. They had been doing the ’rounds’ on our block … Continue reading

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Miracles and Epistemology

Recently I was invited to be a guest on an atheist podcast with two extremely intelligent hosts; Michael Long and Ben Wallis. The podcast (which originally went by the name “Truly Free”) is called “Goodness over God“. Now, while I … Continue reading

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Inaugural post

Seeing as this is to be the first of many posts to come I thought I would take this opportunity to talk about why I am bothering to blog at all and what I hope will come of it. First … Continue reading

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The Best of all possible worlds

This should be relatively short. I just thought I would demonstrate why most philosophers today have given up on Leibniz’ idea that there is such a thing as a best of all (logically) possible worlds. To say that there is … Continue reading

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Multilocation and Substance realism

Here’s an interesting thought experiment I came up with recently. First I should briefly explain what substance realism is, and next I should provide an account of localization. Substance The substance-accident distinction, which has been standard since Aristotle, distinguishes the … Continue reading

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